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Upcoming Events

January General Meeting: Friday   01/24/20 @   3pm in the Sonoran Room in HOA2
Speaker: Robert Shea, National Parks Part 2 

Saddlebrooke Activity and Recreation  Fair  Saturday Jan. 25  8 to 11AM

Our club has a booth to promote photography

Field Trip to the Gladsden Model Railroad Museum  Jan. 29  1-4 PM

2020 Officers:

President: Mark Guinn
Vice-President: Bill Johnston
Treasurer: Bill Mead
Secretary: Sandra Wells

Upcoming Monthly Special Interest Groups

Improve Your Photography  SIG
**Special Note:  This SIG will continue in February**

Sunday February 9th @ 1PM
in the Agate Room
Dave Burgess, Facilitator

Creative SIG

Crystal Ball Photography
Wednesday February 5th @ 9AM
at the parking lot by dog park

for a hike in Catalina State Park
Mark Guinn, Facilitator

Member Photo Galleries

About Us

The SaddleBrooke Photography Club is open to all residents of SaddleBrooke, no matter their skill level or equipment they are using.

The Club offers opportunities to learn how to improve your picture taking through the basics of Composition, Exposure, Lighting, Perspective and Focus.  These basic apply whether you are shooting photos on your smartphone or using a camera with accessories valued at thousands of dollars.

There are opportunities for education, including selection and use of your camera,  to using software for the post processing of your images.  Fun activities challenge members to go to a location and “look for” items from a new perspective… a sort of scavenger hunt.

Special interest groups let you delve into other aspects of photography, from learning more about the popular new mirrorless cameras, to using special techniques to create unusual images.

There’s something for everyone.

Programs We Offer

The club offers “open studio” every Wednesday and Friday in the Agate Room at the HOA2 Arts & Crafts Center from 9am to 12 noon.  All members can bring in their cameras and accessories for additional assistance.  Members can also bring photos in for peer review for suggestions and ideas of improvement.
The club regularly plans field trips that offer unique photography experiences.  Sometimes it’s a scavenger hunt where attendees are given a list of items to be photographed.  Other times we may go to special events such as a Renassaince Festival, or a Day of the Dead night time parade.  Yet other field trips include multi-day stays such as grabbing great shots of the Sandhill Cranes at Bosque de Apache in New Mexico.
We have a number of special interest groups available to our members, and this list keeps growing.  These include: