The Saddlebrooke Photography Club offers a welcoming atmosphere for photographers of all levels.  If you are new to photography, we have knowledgeable people who are happy to provide assistance along the way.  For those of you who may be new to Saddlebrooke, this club is a great place to meet/make new friends who share your interests.

Here are just a few examples of the things we offer:

    • Weekly “Open Studio” meetings

    • Interactive learning opportunities

    •  Workshops ranging from the basics of photography and camera equipment, to understanding the many varieties of Post Processing Software

    • Field Trips to local/nearby locations

    • Coaches to guide you through camera set-up, camera settings, equipment advice, software assistance, and just about anything else you may need.

    • Monthly assignments to broaden your scope and introduce you to different styles of photography

    • The  monthly “Photography Feedback Forum” where members can submit their photos for feedback.

We are also affiliated with the Arizona Camera Club Council (ACCC) utilizing their resources to enter and compete in spring and fall photography competitions.

Stop by and check us out!  We would love to have you!  Club meetings and schedules can be found HERE.