In November, 2019 the Arizona Camera Club Council will be hosting their 2019 Fall Round-up. For this competition the “Rotating” category is High-Key Images. We have received many questions about what type of image is High-Key. High-Key is a style of lighting that produces a very light, almost over-exposed image, with little-to-no shadowing. In my research I used this article from Adorama. I think it gives some good insight. 

In our last Lighting SIG, presented by Frank Earnest, we practiced using two studio lights for portraits. We were working with a specific light ratio of 4 to 1. The Main light being 4 times the power of our Fill light. When shooting for a High-Key image you would use a 2 to 1 ratio. Your Main light would be twice that of your Fill light. This is how the minimal shadowing is accomplished.  A third light could be used to light the background. The background should be light and often the subject will also be light with just a pop of color.  This is a popular style in portraiture but can be achieved in other captures as well. 


Some Examples

Magical Puffball by our own
Susan Dinga