Recently, I was surfing through my favorite photography website, Digital Photography School by Darren Rowse. I found an article titled “8 Micro-Habits That Will Improve Your Skills in 1 Year.” This seemed a bold claim so I clicked through to the content. The 8 Micro-Habits were mostly basic ideas, but worthy of review for every photographer. I recommend you take a moment and click through yourselves.

In the meantime, the one habit that struck the most was Take at least one image everyday. The author challenged himself to take one image everyday for a month. Here was his reaction to the results: “

“By the time the month was up, I had resolved to continue to take photos every single day, no matter what – because it improved my photography so much.

I started to see compositions where I previously saw none. I started to get a sense of the light that I had never had before.

And this didn’t require any extra learning. It was just from being…aware. From keeping my photography brain awake.”

It occurred to me that this would be a fun challenge for the Club to take on. As the summer smolders on and the monsoons tease us, I thought August would be a good month for some photographic inspiration. Whether you are here in Tucson or somewhere far afield, consider joining this challenge. We will officially sign-up for the challenge to encourage accountability. We will also post our daily image on Instagram with the hashtag #saddlebrookephotographyclub. Write in the caption the date and “31-days-31-images” Challenge.

See my example below: 

Please sign up by emailing me at
If you do not have an Instagram account, now is the time to try it. Or you can post it on the Saddlebrooke Photography Facebook group and we will transfer it over to the Club Instagram hashtag. Remember to use the hashtag #saddlebrookephotographyclub. 

I look forward to seeing everyones images. LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!!