Improve Your Photography Special Interest Group


 The mission of this SIG is to improve the photographic skills of the participants focusing on what we do before we take the shot.  We will not focus on post-processing.  Each meeting will start with a discussion and/or video of a topic of the month.   This might include items such as depth of field, metering options, focusing options, composition, lighting, exposure, aperture, shutter speed and camera position.  In the second part of the meeting, we will review photographs submitted by the participants and discuss ways the photographs could have been improved and made more interesting.  The goal is that both the person submitting the photograph and the participants will gain new skills and ideas to use in their future photographs.  In some cases, we may discuss some post-processing changes if they help illustrate the discussion topics, but the main focus will be improving the photograph before it is taken.  The goal is it improve our photographic skills not to criticize them.  We will provide an option for the photographs to be presented anonymously since some participants may prefer this.


Dave Burgess facilitates the SIG – The SIG meets in the Topaz Room 
Details: Improve Photography SIG Mission